Monday, August 19, 2013

A Little Horn Tooting Going on Today! - A Blog hijack from Madison

** Last week it was their Facebook page, today it is their blog, I hope you won't mind! 

As many of you know, Mercedes is my mom, Duane and Karen are my Grandparents, and Stephanie is like an Aunt to me. I am making this post because I know they won't.....

We recently found out and privately celebrated that we were nominated for "The Best of Scottsdale"....we hear from customers all the time how wonderful our shop is, how wonderful our vendors are, and how wonderful our merchandise is, and how wonderful our prices are....but being nominated for something was just simply exciting. Keep in mind, ALL of this is new to the four of them and they ALL work so hard EVERYDAY at making sure when you walk through those doors, that we will hear an ooohhhh and an ahhhhhh. They take it personal and I am not kidding.

Nothing and I mean NOTHING, would make their year to win such an honor as this. They just think it is beyond awesome that someone nominated them, let alone to WIN something like this. mom wouldn't be able to contain herself! and vote as much as you can for the Tattered Nest Vintage Marketplace. I KNOW with ALL MY HEART, it will mean a lot to the four who give all for YOU!

Voting is in the upper left hand corner. Main category is Home and Garden, sub-category is "Best Place for Antiquing".

Thank you so much for allowing me a personal post.
{Mom, don't be mad and don't delete....LOVE YOU SNOWFLAKE!}

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